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The Coin, It’s background and what we aim to achieve:

Cum Inu Token chose its name based around all the doge names out there and put a humorous vulgar spin on the words for its business targeting the Adult Entertainment industry.

Cum Inu is currently developing a Platform / Website which will be a cross between PornHub, Onlyfans , Cameo and Webcam shows.

The Platform will have profiles for every model / entertainer and they will be able to list all their content under the sub-categories.

They will be able to put their content up for sale whether it be videos, pictures or specific items requested by the consumer. The webcam shows will be like any webcam shows and will have tipping in place for live viewers, if the model chooses to do so, certain tip counts reached could result in a desired action from the model / entertainer being performed.

All purchases and tipping will be paid by with a currency / utility token made on the BSC network.

The main Cum Inu token is on the ERC network and will be the token to benefit from the token burn / buy back.

How does the dual token network cross tokenomics work? (World first new token burn system)

The BSC utility token will be used for all purchases and tipping. When the BSC utility token is purchased there will be a 5% tax fee on the BNB used which is sent to the pool of funds. When the consumer purchases content there will be a 10% fee also taxed from that payment, When the models sell all there utility tokens back for BNB there will also be another 5% tax which will be sent to the pool of funds. So from the start to finish 20% of of that BNB will be sent to the fund pool.

The BNB gathered from these taxes in the fund pool will then every so often be used to buy ETH.

This ETH will then be used to buy the CUMINU Token on market on the ERC network.
These token bought will then be sent to a burn wallet and be removed from the supply permanently.
This process will lift the price immediately and will also reduce the coins volatility and intrinsic / base value.

So being an investor, you’re going to be wanting to hold the Cuminu Token from the ERC network.

So far we have been working on getting our image out there and have had great success.

Over the last week (with the help of Elons “Cum” tweet) we have increased our wallet holders by triple the amount.

We have also had several major models and influencers give us a shout-out.

Currently our signed up models / entertainers / clients for the platform include:

Tasha Reign.
Yvonne Bar.
Bonnie Rotten.

These girls will have profiles on our platform and will be releasing content there (some never seen before). The girls also have a large network on their social platforms (In the millions) and will be dropping our platform link to their profile directly through their Instagram and twitter, on Instagram we can use the swipe up mechanism.

Currently we are only puchasable via Uniswap and only the tech savvy / experienced traders will know how to buy both our tokens. We are currently approaching KuCoin to list us and this would make it a lot easier for boomers and less tech savvy consumers to be able to buy our utility token and investment token directly with cash.

OnlyFans last year brought in 390m USD for the year, i expect this to be much greater this year. We are aiming to take a slice of that pie and the pie provided from PornHub and other WebCam shows.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to watch and buy content of your famous stars while also knowing that your purchases would be increasing the value of your investment in Cuminu Token? You get to directly reward yourself for watching content on our platform.

Whats Coming? Marketing?

– We are expecting to have our whitepaper and tokenomics animation explanation complete within the next 24 hours. After that is complete we will be aggressively approaching additional CEXs and large whales to invest. (I believe they will “cum” on their own.)

– We have a certain influencer / Model lined up who is massive that is going to drop a instagram swipe up post directly to our website (we will make sure the whitepaper and animation is complete before this) – She has approximately 14m followers.

– We will continue to have our current signed up stars to drop content and shout outs of our token / platform.

– We currently have a video out on UpNextCrypto from Youtube who are also going to start an advert campaign for that video (I will post the link to that video in the links below). They have 250k Subscribers.

– We will continue to use TikTok influencers, Youtube Influencers, Instagram Influencers and Twitter Influencers to help promote and spread awareness of Cuminu Token.

– The platform is currently being worked on day and night and i expect completion within a few weeks. We should have a preview of the platform ready within a week.

Overall I see this token going places and the roadmap / plan is clear and strong, this has all been capable due to the best developer i have ever seen who has been working endlessly to get things done as quick as possible. Everything so far has been self-funded.

The most important thing! 90% of the Tokens are locked for 2 years.
This means funds are Safu and no rug pulls are possible. The Team wallet is 10% of the supply, 50% of the team wallet is also locked for 1 month. See link below for proof of locked liquidity.


All Our Social Platforms:
Website: http://cuminu.io/
Telegram: CumInu Token Twitter: Cuminu Token

Price Check / Charts:
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cuminu/
CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/cum-inu
Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x7b412f141996411401f57e2ba1bc2235af807d4d
Moontools: https://app.moontools.io/pairs/uniswap/0x7b412f141996411401f57e2ba1bc2235af807d4d

Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xd6327ce1fb9d6020e8c2c0e124a1ec23dcab7536

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