I have already been a big fan of ecomi (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ecomi/) and everything they have been working towards up to this point.

-The idea of a “Gem” based market backed by omi, giving “no-coiners” the ability to purchase NFTs

-Powerful Alfred Kahn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alfred-kahn-cranekahn) as THE DAMN HEAD OF LICENSING PEOPLE<—– …. I shouldn’t need to say much more other than the fact that this is THE … PERSON… WHO IS SOLEY…. responsible for the metamorphosis from pocket monsters to pokemon and marketing it to the western audience…. if anyone can make pokemon NFTs a reality it is this man…… Not to mention Yu-Gi-Oh, Ninja Turtles, One Piece, Etc…

^Chairman/CEO 4Kids Ent. 1991 – 2011^

-Beautiful tokenomic structure. A lot of projects have deflationary burn mechanics built into the system, I’m not here to moon/fanboy over that, but adding a deflationary structure to the native asset backing already limited in mint NFT’s, they will gain in value over time not only from consumer demand, but because as omi rises in price, each gem you transfer back to omi is worth more and more. ((assuming they get the damn wallet converter bugs worked out)(I cut slack because theyre still in alpha and running on GoChain)… which brings me to my next statements…..



– sub sub

– The project is only in alpha and VEVE brings in 350000 users already….

– Transactions are gimmicky and slow at this state (reference to why above) but thats because it is running off the Gochain blockchain…. wtf is that. nobody’s heard of that shit in like 4 years…. what other decent projects use gochain like wth seriously. BUT THATS ONLY BULLISH, if the migration to an ERC token working with IMX(immutable X) WOooooOO baby we gots ourselves a winner

– and now to the enlightenment…..l downloaded the metaverse that the put out to showcase as a teaser for what is to come (https://www.veve.me/). VEVE is not just a NFT marketplace… This shit is gonna be huge. this Metaverse is totally seperate from VEVE. Ecomi has shit stirring ladies and gentlemen. in 5-10 years from now i believe you will see forniite-like levels of video game quality, operating off the ecomi platfom, using IN GAME NFTS THAT YOU CAN USE IN YOUR GAMES….. THINK OF HOW MUCH MONEY GOES INTO A SKIN THAT YOU CAN NEVER SELL OR DO ANYTHING WITH EVER AGAIN…. now imagine all of the money you’ve invested into video game skins but instead they’re encrypted digital asset that are limited in supply and storable in a seed phrase locked wallet….. big things are coming ladies and gentlemen.


If you’re at a loss on ecomi, its okay…. do. not. worry. at all. seriously.

The current price while I am writing this is 0.00285. <<<<——-

I am 100% confident I will be looking back on this price in regret that I didn’t allocate more of my portfolio to ecomi. (my HODLINGS – #1 ETH – #2 ADA – # 3 OMI #4 LINK…. so hopefully you see the projects I believe in aren’t some shit-coins and I’m not just moonboying this thing. I really do believe in the project long term along with the team)

Hopefully you enjoyed the post, be excited for whats to come. 🚀 ⭕️⭕️⭕️🚀⭕️⭕️⭕️ 🚀

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