30UTC. Newest BSC launchpad that rewards holders on every ICO launched. Autopad doesn’t just do launches, they offer services to developers for every step of their project🏗 Solid scalability and huge marketing plan🚀 : altcoin



LAUNCH DATE – 1st 18:30UTC

🟣What is AUTOPAD?🟣

Autopad is an innovative combination of blockchain-enabled launchpad systems alongside realworld marketing business strategies.

An all-in-one token ‘bring to market’ service that facilitates all elements of token creation🏗🏢

As a business use-case, Autopad is taking all of the existing elements necessary to launch a successful brand, appropriating necessary resources to crypto-specific marketing as well as helping developers create their token.

With a dedicated and experienced team of in-housetech, marketing, blockchain specialist and design experts, Autopad can take on the specialist work involved in turning an investment strategy into an ICO-ready cryptocurrency.

The key component of Autopad’s service is the Launchpad facility.

Launching new coins to market through a contracted service brings a huge amount of marketing to all of Autopad’s ventures.

Autopad offers each individual service as a product as well as packages and launch. Selected packages include ongoing subscription services. .

Below is a general breakdown of what services are offered by Autopad from their website:

– Token Advisory Services

– Blockchain Strategy & Consulting

– Token Economics and Structure

-Technical Testing & Stability

– Marketing

– Design & Branding

– Ongoing Token Support

– Launching


Holders benefit from the sales aspect of the token’s transactions, tax burns as well as gain access to tokens launched through our platform, token allocation depends on how many $AUTOPAD tokens an investor holds.

💰KEEP GETTING PAID – part of both the service agreement for the Autopad token creation and launch services includes the acquisition of a % of the customer’s token on launch.

A % of these are then sold and bought back as Autopad tokens and burnt; this creates buying pressure without dumping and increases the value of holder’s tokens, stimulates the trading activity and adds liquidity from real use-case transactions coming out of Autopad’s product sales side.


The team have signed contracts with a multitude of social media influencers to make promotional material.

Here is a breakdown of what’s been organised for you guys, some big hitters that have promoted some hugely successful tokens, can’t wait to see the impact on the chart!

More exposure means bigger bags and higher candles.

Tiktok Influencer (332k followers)

Tiktok Influencer (105k followers)

Tiktok Influencer (44k followers)

Instagram Influencer (211k Followers)

Instagram Influencer (70k Followers)

Telegram group post/pinned daily (4250 members)

Youtuber 4-6 minute video (34k subscribers)

Youtuber 10 minute video (12k subscribers)

In addition to our influencer campaign, Autopad also has agreements with a reputable team of promoters that will be working around the clock

to put $AUTOPAD in front of the eyes of some of the hungriest apes in the crypto space. Are your bags ready?🏦

Autopad’s marketing team continues to contact and establish agreements with relevant influencers, all promo material will be shared in the group.





Circulating Supply:1,000,000,000 AUTOPAD

Tax: 8% (5% burn – 3% redistributed)

Here are links to the project:

🟣WEBSITE – www.autopad.io

🟣TELEGRAM -www.t.me/auto_pad

🟣TWITTER – auto_pad

🟣ROADMAP- www.autopad.io/#timeline

Remember to DYOR

CG- www.coingecko.com/en/coins/autopad-token
CMC- https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/autopad/

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