A Smart Contract platform that’s absurdly undervalued : altcoin


Here is why this 50MM mcap can easily reach a 40B market cap long term.

At first glance, It’s just another layer one, however the most important aspect of this layer1 is PACT, pact is a smart contract language, and it’s the most powerful tool for creating applications on a blockchain, pact already contains all of the features that other projects say they will develop eventually, including full Formal Verification of user code, error messages, contract upgradability, multi-signature, and support for interoperability It’s so easy to read and write that a technical lawyer can reliably program his smart contracts with a little practice just like he could learn to manipulate data in Excel, formal verification which is invaluable when you are dealing with critical systems i.e. those that handle a lot of money or play a key part in infrastructure, Turing incomplete (prohibits recursive function calls, unbounded looping and variable reassignment which eliminates the potential for exploits that have ravaged EVM languages by design), upgradeable contracts whereas Solidity contracts are final and require proxy contracts etc. Pact will be established as the global standard of smart contract development. Cosmos already has pact and Polkadot wants to work with them, this is just the beginning and the goal is for pact to be on every chain that matters.

The chain itself is also absurdly next level, it’s the only sharded and scalable layer-1 PoW network in production today. It utilizes PoW that improves throughput and scalability while increasing security, while also being energy efficient. This is not vaporware by the way, they can do 480,000tps (with just 20 chains, this can scale to 100 or 1000) while always being completely decentralized unlike most Proof of Stake shitcoins, see PoS is an attempt to improve on Bitcoins inefficiency, nothing more, if a scalable PoW blockchain arrives on the scene (Kadena) PoS becomes obsolete. Bitcoin basically had things spot on, it’s just inefficient and slow, after 10 years of wild experimentation we are finally seeing new, well reasoned approaches to blockchain tech.

Oh and also the most cited person in Satoshi’s whitepaper is on the team and one of the CEO’s used to be lead engineer for JP morgan’s blockchain prototype and the lead for the SECs crypto steering committee, the other CEO was also at JP and directed the emerging blockchain group and has 15y experience in building trading systems and exchange backbones, not saying this to sound schizo and imply they have connections but to show that they actually know what they are doing.

Why can this reach a 40B market cap?

Most of the DEFI we have right now is basically just financial products we already have but on chain, pact allows for true defi, like, actually never before seen dapps, the defi2.0 some people keep dreaming about, that’s why I said long term. Ethereum and the EVM will never be able to do that, yes all of your silly other layer1’s also won’t do that, why? because they are not focusing on it and just copy the problems of ETH by using solidity/evm.

The coin in question is KDA

mkt cap is 50MM https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kadena/

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