A Very Tiring and Bloody Week To End : altcoin


It’s been a bloody week, eh? It’s very uncomfortable seeing all the reds on our portfolios. Bitcoin went down and so as our holdings. But isn’t it the best time to buy the lows while everyone is asleep?

May I introduce to you, Lo and behold – RichieRich $RICH!

A huge step for our RichieRich community – we just got listed on Coin Gecko a few days ago! This is one of our many steps planned ahead, so please stay tuned with us in the following days.

Within the first week, we have had promotions from people like __FaZe Kay, Vosk Coin, Torin Hoffman, Up Next Crypto, and more__!

– 3X higher rewards than any other coin in the DeFi market! Hold and earn passive income. 15% of every transaction is immediately reflected back to the holder’s wallets.

– Our Devs host at least one AMA every day – one of the most transparent dev teams I have ever seen and they continue to provide insights on the following developments that are happening with the community,

– Fully audited and ID verified – very rare for a dev team to give their ID to the audit company – trusted them ever since I’ve heard that. This just shows that the team is fully committed to the project.

– Consistent marketing pushed out daily with huge crypto influencers, the most recent being VoskCoin, who spoke extremely highly about the token.

– Mobile social NFT marketplace/video game in the works. The CEO of RichieRich Coin is a game developer. So please keep us under your radar!

Dev team is currently working towards releasing a brand new website AND the official WhitePaper for their upcoming NFT video game early this week. You DON’T want to miss this so get in before they release these!

Here are the links where you can reach our community:

coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/richierich-coin

Contract on bscan – 0x3B4443F97B37A6Ef864c3f0f1632E366B4f1d20f

TG: https://t.me/richierichbsc

DXSALE lock on liquidity for 4 years & Ownership renounced

Set slippage to 25% to buy/sell

1% of of all transactions burned

15% of all transactions redistributed to holders

With the hard work and the full dedication of the devs and the community, we can help build each other’s dreams!

Well, what are you waiting for? Come get RichieRich with us today!

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