Angry at what Elon did ? Throw A $BRICK at his FACE! And show him how to make real gains! 🧱 TheCryptoBricks 🧱 is a BSC gaming project inspired by /r/place ! 80K Marketcap, 150+ Holders : altcoin


Some of you may know the original r/place project where users were able to place a pixel on an online canvas and color it every 10 minutes. Communities of reddit and beyond massively rallied to draw their emblems and various memes on it.

To this day an archive is available where you can see the final canvas (google it). As you can see there isn’t any many cryptocurrencies on it, not even Dogecoin. It’s because r/place ended on april 2017, the crypto sphere wasn’t as active as it is today. Today, the canvas would certainly be massively invaded by memes coins.

Introducing and their #TheCryptoWall project. It’s a blockchain successor to r/place. This time around, it’s not about placing pixels on a canvas, but it’s about placing BRICKS that you can color as well (technically the same). The concept is that each pixel on the website is actually backed by a BEP-20 Token on the Binance Smart Chain.

What’s actually mind blowing is that every BRICK must be placed on top of another one (expect for the bottom ones as explained on the website). This means that if someone withdraw/sells their $BRICK, every BRICKs on top of it will fall, potentially ruining drawings.

Just imagine the craziness if a community like r/doge would be fighting against the r/safemoon community. This will give a huge incentive for communities to hold onto theirs $BRICK, otherwise drawings will be ruined.

🧱 This could be HUGE since I can’t think of any other BSC token with such an original project. 🧱

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