Anyone watching the developments of this gem QDX? : altcoin


I’m always on the lookout for low-priced gems and I’ve been researching an exchange coin called QDX.

QDX is the exchange token of an African-based exchange called Quidax and that caught my interest because I’ve had some relative success with BNB. So I’m a little biased towards exchange tokens generally.

I’m kinda impressed with QDX and the exchange offering it.. The exchange (Quidax) was launched in 2018 and has managed to get over 400,000 customers in 72 countries. I also got a video on Youtube where the CEO revealed that the exchange had processed over $3 billion during this period.

I thought that was cool for a relatively smaller exchange. I looked it up and I realized that it is based in Nigeria which is the largest Bitcoin market in Africa so these numbers could be legit. Plus they had an IDO on JulSwap in May.

I’ve used Julswap once or twice so I got about $50 worth of QDX. Although I haven’t made a ton of profit I’ve been impressed with the level of development on the project. So far so good.

They’ve partnered with Chainalysis, WallStreetGaming token, and Julswap within the space of three weeks. They also listed BNB and Dogecoin in June.

I’m curious about trying out their upcoming staking service called QDX Vault. From what I have read, it’s a pretty simple staking model for airdrops. They also plan to list about 100 tokens in the next few months so I guess we’ll see where this goes.

You can check out the token on coinmarketcap or coingecko You can get more information on Quidax and the QDX token on the Website:

I would also love comments from anyone that has heard about the project, let me know what you think..

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