Big things coming out of this project.


Join the telegram, and listen to the voice chat once in awhile. Mods and Dev's are in their answering questions and talking, This is a community, not just your average crypto.

You know what I don’t get…. everyone always says shits impossible… they said GME wouldn’t work out… they continued saying it would be terrible to buy back in after the dip… they said doge would never reach .01…. they said Bitcoin would be worthless…. I say we fucking push Hoge to the god damn moon and keep holding… I say we become the next hot topic… I say we must hold conviction and hold strong… Hoge Army Unite💪🏻

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What the Devs are Doing (3/30/21)


– A lot of work on the DAO-like structure and Hoge Finance company structure. Still boring to you, but consider this the great experiment in DeFi of our modern times. Olivier & Andreea are huge assets here, they both have clear vision on how to get the CORE team and developers a business model, while at the same time allowing the community it's freedom.

– The structure of those two companies will determine how VC and institutional investment interact with the Hoge community, so we want to be real careful. It would be terrible if a company with aggressive business practices gains a voting share and uses it to gut the community. Priority #1 is you are free to use hoge as best you can, and nobody becomes liable through legal loopholes.

– In a similar vein, everybody expects the 10x pump, nobody expects the 2000x pump. At CORE we've been spending a lot of time on how to manage projects and people that build up the community. That means a little more boring stuff like JIRA boards or what-have-you. My ultimate aim is to make HOGE so boring to work for that nobody will want control, and instead you would want to be in the community, working on your own project! The tools we build are just to help you, not us.

– I think some of you were shocked to see MarpAll as CEO? True he has been busy, with lawyer meetings and more. He hasn't spent much time in the community for a month now. His vision is solid, and I trust him with all my wallet. He's been here since the beginning, and I hope to drag him into a voice AMA soon. I'm pretty sure his every other sentence is, "But I do not care about me, I just want this to be good for the community."

– For trust, it may seem like we are asking you to trust us with the direction of this project. That is not so. This is to explore the boundaries of Decentralized Finance. Specifically:

– Can the project leaders remain anonymous? Ultimately no, they must be known to business entities that interact with Hoge. But more generally, perhaps?

– Is there a structure of work beyond straight Democracy (Snap/voting) that allows us to build the tools needed, while preserving the decentralized aspect?

– Can DeFi be a model for developing companies, countries?

– What is the long term evolution of the token, and can it sail the stormy seas of crypto to a sustainable model?

– Finally, if we peel back the layers Hoge, it is currently running as a Democratic Republic, where you vote via influence in the community. We only represent your interests, and the DAO-like company will carve that into stone. I aim to reserve all powers not specifically enumerated in the contract to the people. So that you may carry this on without us when that time comes.

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