just released limit order buys for all BNB-[token] pairs on BSC. Sell orders coming soon. : altcoin


You won’t have to worry about missing price dips when you can’t watch charts all day, or you’re busy with real life or sleeping. In terms of BSC this is pretty groundbreaking tech, pancakeswap helped BSC grow and now $BOG and BogTools are helping to shape its future.

Limit orders for buying are available for now, with sell limit orders coming soon. has also just today released charts for all BSC tokens. Just type in the contract address at the top. They can be found here. It’s a really user-friendly and intuitive UI.

At a little under a month old this is a very undervalued project, with its sights set on becoming a huge player on the BSC chain.

If you’re keen then check out the links above. You can find much more info on the websites as well as their Discord. The discord has all links and resources you could need, especially if you’re interested in their oracles and the tech. You can find them on other social media too just search “bogtools”.

The Telegram can be joined [here]( The Twitter account is @bogtools

There’s some great staking initiatives currently, 4% of all transactions of $BOG are entirely redistributed to stakers.

With limit orders releasing today and marketing happening over the next few days I can see a lot of potential for some excellent gains, as well as pretty revolutionary tech.

Make sure to check out their other oracles, including a really great looking RNG!

I did a post recently about their ARG and giveaway for those who love crypto, puzzles and going down the rabbit hole!

This project is the one to watch this year in so many ways!

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