Bogged.Finance kicking off its PARABOLIC rise (10x


At this point I’m very sure all of you are already onboard so congratulations.

BOG is about to go parabolic, everyone who buys in low marketcaps should already be in, the rest of the space is about to too.. has more and more daily volume, everyone is starting to integrate limit buys/limit sells in their trades, and guess what they are using to pay for these trades, $BOG

BogCharts have been seeing phenomenal growth in daily users, many projects are also promoting their coins on the website, who wouldn’t want to miss out on this growing userbase, and well what are these people paying to promote their coins, u guessed it, $BOG

The confidence in BOG is literally too much, there is now more 50% coins staked as Liquidity pairs, and the juicy returns from the limit order fees, charts promotion plus transaction fees are too much to miss out on.

Twitter giveaways have been going all week with lots of participants, and more and more influencers are talking about BOG

The benevolent bogtools team is about to kick off MASSIVE Twitter and YouTube promotions,

Don’t end up kicking yourself after it’s too late

Don’t miss out, this might be the last chance to get in if you haven’t already!

Buy $BOG on Pancakeswap (3% slippage) (FULL VIDEO GUIDE)


All the info you’d need:- & Bogged.Finance

BSCScan – 0xd7b729ef857aa773f47d37088a1181bb3fbf0099 (10000+ holders, 16M Marketcap)

Reddit (Join for all updates and discussions)


Buy on Pancakeswap (3% slippage) (Full video guide if you need help to buy, click here)

Telegram (All help will be provided here, buying, staking questions etc.)

Twitter (All giveaways and news)

Charts (Sexy charts)

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