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Ekta is a cross-chain blockchain that bridges to the physical world. We create NFT, DEX, and DeFi solutions to bring on chain traditional industries, businesses, and assets to create value in both worlds.Ekta will be among the first blockchain projects to truly merge the physical world with the on-chain world

NFTs have rapidly risen to prominence both within and beyond the blockchain industry. To this end, Ekta will launch its own self-developed Petals F-NFTs platform and marketplace. This brand new trading and exchange venue for NFTs will be a blockchain-based cross platform ecosystem for the sharing and trading of physical assets represented in a digital format. Through the Ekta NFT marketplace, Ekta will provide a novel way for NFT creators and the owners of physical assets represented as NFTs to connect with consumers and brands through their digital collections.

Petals F-NFTs

Petals F-NFTs represent real-world assets such as real estate and can increase access to physical assets allowing anyone to participate

Petals F-NFT Marketplace

Petals NFT Marketplace is a blockchain-based cross platform ecosystem for the sharing and selling of NFTs. The Petals NFT Marketplace provides a unique market for NFT collection and distribution.

Ekta Donates and Dedicates Resources to Plastic Exchange — Cleaning Bali One Bottle at a Time

Profit with purpose isn’t just a tagline for Ekta, it’s ingrained in the DNA of the blockchain startup that aims to bring the physical world on-chain.Plastic Exchange is a community-led group organized independently by youth initiatives Plastic Exchange incentivizes local communities to track and measure the improvement of their local environment and receive community-wide benefits for making environmentally responsible lifestyle choices. Inspired by Plastic Exchange’s commitment and success, the Ekta team felt compelled to get involved and collaborate with Plastic Exchange The event will facilitate an exchange of 300kg of rice and vegetables for recyclable waste and plastics, as well as host a workshop to educate locals on turning recycled plastics into arts and crafts.

For Ekta, this is profit with purpose in action, and at the heart of why Ekta exists — to do good business while doing good.




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