BSCArmy – Hidden gem 💎💎💎| 23.000+ Holders 📈 6000% Growth from launching


BSCArmy (Barmy) is the first DAO on BSC ecosystem that advocates for the adoption of the cryptocurrency in general and the BSC in particular.

90% of Barmy token is released on TGE so both development team and investors have an equal chance to buy Barmy through IDO or a Dex such as SwapX or Pancakeswap. The interesting mechanism behind this potential gem is RFI static rewards, which basically means that remaining holders will receive 5% tax fee from any transaction. Therefore, the more Barmy held in your wallet, the more Barmy will come to you.

By doing so, Barmy shares the responsibilities for developing and thriving BSCArmy between dev team and holders. They all strive and work hard to achieve the Barmy mission that is to accompany BSC ecosystem through thick and thin.

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