$BUTTER and $MILK giveaway after successful partnership : altcoin


Hi for those that don’t know, Butter Token is the first BEP-20 token to partner with a major Food charity and it has donated so much in just one week ($17,000) with a low market cap! For reference, if it had a $100 million market cap $4 million would have gone to charity already. Butter really has the potential to end world hunger!

Not only can people invest like with any other token, but there’s so much more to Milk and Butter Tokens that makes them stand out. The number one thing being that the process is trust-less and automatic. 5% of all transactions are GUARANTEED to go to charity. You can then help choose which charities are available to vote on (partnered charities will always be an option), and then vote on which of the decided charity options get the accrued donation for that week!

Helping yourself by investing, also helps those in need! Milk https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/milk-token/ and Butter have the potential to revolutionize the crypto market having already made crypto history thanks to its Partnership with “Food For Life Global””, (a charity promoted by Paul McCartney).

This will bring awareness to those that have never dabbled in crypto, but still want to help out charity while investing in themselves. The website will continue to be refined so that the guides and interface are able to introduce anyone to the workings of cryptocurrency.

Butter Token partner “Food For Life Global plans to help with marketing starting today with a newsletter and mailing list update with information on Butter token!

This community is passionate and strong and we know we’ll do great things! To help spread the word there is giveaway this week. Refer a friend and join socials for entries. The winner will receive 50 Billion Milk AND 50 Million Butter. Here is link: https://www.milktoken.net/giveaway.html

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