Bux token – strong conviction, huge backers : altcoin


Europe’s largest neobroker is a company named Bux which provide stocks, derivatives and crypto trading across 3 platforms in multiple countries in Europe and is coined as the EU equivalent to Robinhood. A few months ago they had an $80mln investment from companies such as Prosus and Tencent (The largest tech investor in the world) and was covered by a lot of large news sources such as Bloomberg.

Bux also has its own Token, named Bux token, (CMC – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bux-token/) fixed 57mln supply, only $10mln MC. The token already allows for free trading on their Crypto platform with further utility upcoming, we speculate pledging and discounts across their other platform aspects too.

The token had a huge pump on investment news but has recently pulled back considerably along with every other crypto asset and the company is working on development to abide to new regulations. Because of the growth and merging of the platforms, the utility use, the fixed supply and comparing the token to it’s peers such as VGX we believe that the token has a large runway ahead it for an easy 1000% profit at least.

It’s currently available on Pancakeswap, Kucoin and Bux’s Crypto platform, more info about it on twitter @BuxToken , their website roadmap – https://getbux.com/blog/bux-crypto-our-roadmap/ – and there’s TG groups – https://t.me/buxcommunity

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