Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: BTC/USD Surges Ahead as Buyers Recoup Above $40k

Bitcoin Holds Crucial Support as Buyers Recoup Above $40k After breaking below the 50-day SMA, BTC/USD fell to $40,255 low as buyers...

Ransomware’s Effect on Cryptocurrency Prices

Sep 21, 2021 10:30&nbspUTC | Updated: Sep 21, 2021 at 16:49&nbspUTC By&nbspRaghav Sawhney From almost the moment Bitcoin was invented, critics...

BTC/USD Trades Above $43,000 Level

Bitcoin Price Prediction – September 22 The Bitcoin price prediction is showing positive signs and it is likely to accelerate further higher...

Bitcoin miner laborer Genesis Digital Assets raises $431M

Sep 22, 2021 10:43&nbspUTC | Updated: Sep 22, 2021 at 10:43&nbspUTC By&nbspClark Genesis Digital antecedently raised $125 million in an equity...

Terra LUNA Price at $33.42 after 27.6% Gains – How to Buy LUNA

This week, the crypto market has been facing turbulences, with major price dumps being experienced in bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoins. However,...

Bitcoin bounces once more after in brief losing $40K support

Sep 22, 2021 10:52&nbspUTC | Updated: Sep 22, 2021 at 10:52&nbspUTC By&nbspClark The Chinese property developer can before long be a...

Major NFT Boom after Projects Raise $930 Million Weekly

The popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is increasing by the day, as NFT projects continue to raise capital through funding rounds that...

Snoop’s $17M NFT assortment, movie sold as NFT, QAnon espouser sells tweets

Sep 22, 2021 11:16&nbspUTC | Updated: Sep 22, 2021 at 11:16&nbspUTC By&nbspClark NFT collector disclosed to be Snoop Dogg, hybrid NFTs...

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index at 21, Shows a State of “Extreme Fear”

The crypto market has been in turbulence this week, and this has caused the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index to drop to...

Custodial V/s Non-Custodial Crypto Wallets: Getting Best of both

Sep 22, 2021 17:22&nbspUTC | Updated: Sep 24, 2021 at 22:24&nbspUTC By&nbspRaghav Sawhney What if you need to take permission to...