Sunday, July 3, 2022

Bitmex’s Hayes: Ethereum Could Rise to $10k and Solana to $200

Arthur Hayes has predicted that Ethereum could go to $10,000 and Solana to $200According to Hayes, Ethereum’s rewards in a PoS network makes...

Elon Tweets Video Explaining Everything About Dogecoin

Elon Musk has Tweeted a Youtube video that ‘explains everything’ about DogecoinElon’s was responding to a Tweet by the Director of Research at...

10 Best Altcoins to Invest in April

Altcoins had a strong performance in March as the overall cryptocurrency industry recovered. This performance happened even as the crisis in Ukraine escalated...

10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in April

Cryptocurrencies had a relatively successful March even after the Federal Reserve embraced a more hawkish tone and the crisis in Ukraine escalated. The...

Finalized no. 34 | Ethereum Foundation Blog

tl;dr Kiln🧱🔥 is up, check it out #TestingTheMerge is in full swing. Do...

Announcing the Kiln Merge Testnet

The Kintsugi 🍵 merge testnet, launched late December, has been a valuable testing ground for...

Secured #2: Public Vulnerability Disclosures

Today, we disclosed the first set of vulnerabilities from the Ethereum Foundation’s Bug Bounty Programs....

Why Staking Crypto such as TRX, KAVA and more is Gathering Steam

In brief: The Coronavirus crash of mid-March has resulted in a lot of crypto traders being cautious.  The dominance of stablecoins is proof that they...

Justin Sun Baffled By a Jump in New Tron (TRX) Accounts

In brief: On the 19th of April, the Tron network recorded its highest daily increase in new accounts. This feat was noticed by a senior...

XRP’s Price Could Keep Falling as Holders Decrease

In brief: A new report by eToro and The Tie shows that the number of Twitter users discussing XRP has fallen drastically.  The report also...