Charitas ($Char), just announced two new marketing/creative directors who have worked with Google, Hanes, Samsung, Verizon, Nascar, and have done a Super Bowl ad with Fortnite. : altcoin


Charitas – The Crypto Built for Charity – has and always will be one of the greatest long term prospects in crypto. The team is fully doxxed on their website (you can check out the new creative directors there) and they really treat their currency like it’s a startup. They are fully transparent and hard working, and have worked with a vast list of influencers, celebrities, NFT artists and even have begun to partner with other large charity cryptocurrencies. The likes of Rory MacDonald, David Bianchi, Laurence Fuller, u/-RunandLift (instagram) all endorse and support Charitas. Charitas has donated over 40 thousand dollars in a very short time and continues to grow. They are going through a large rebrand at the moment and once completed, they will ramp up marketing X10. This would be a great entry price for a long term hold as a couple presale flipping whales just exited. If you are looking for an actual token that isn’t a meme pump and dump, you have found your gem.

A new donation has just went out to Action Against Hunger. This global organization serves more than 20 million people per year and aims to end life-threatening hunger for good within our lifetimes. Out of the $114,000,000 of revenue in 2019, 93% went to program services.

Below is a small blurb about the new creative directors who have just joined the team.

“David and Aaron have been making breakthrough creative campaigns for over 12 years, at well-known New York ad agencies that include r/GA, Ogilvy, and 360i, for clients such as Samsung, Google, Oreo, Hanes, Verizon, NASCAR, IBM, and Oscar Mayer. Whether it’s a viral social activation or high-budget Super Bowl commercial, all their work is designed to break into culture and incite consumer passions. Their campaigns have won over 100 industry awards and been featured by dozens of high-profile press, including The New York Times, USA Today, Good Morning America, GQ, Rolling Stone, CNN, ABC News, Wired, Forbes, and many others. Most recently, Aaron and Dave led Verizon’s digital and social work at r/GA, where they built a 5G Super Bowl stadium in Fortnite for gamers and football fans. Currently, they’re founding a new ad agency in Brooklyn, Public Display of Affection (PDA), to continue making famous campaigns for courageous clients.”

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