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Now to you ladies and gents, this may sound a bit weird but trust me when I say that it works. You must find something that people can relate to so that you can compare the two in any way, shape or form. I use this to grab the attention of anybody such as family and friends who invest. So far, it has been really effective!

I explain it exactly like you would a Best Buy store. You walk in and you see different sections with a little bit of everything. In the center-front where the cell phone services are, is where the actual PYE token would be, right behind that is the PYE wallet (headphones & gadgets section), on the right side is the PYE shop (TV section), back right is the PYE Chart (appliance section), back center would be PYE mining (tablets & computers section), back left is the NFT marketplace (camera section), middle left is the charity aspect of PYE (because that’s the video game section and everyone loves charity and video games) and the very front left (Geek Squad section) is the nation of PYE.

That last comparison is very important because this is a nation like no other and its mind blowing that this is just the beginning. I compare us to Geek Squad because they’re always helpful and that’s what PYE nation does. They care for you, help you out when you need it, and will stay honest with you through your whole time with them. They are truly amazing.

I’m not going to tell you to buy, how much to buy or even when to buy. All I can say is that I’m a holder. That this is the gem of all gems. A true once in a life opportunity that will change lives. That this is a great entry point since the market will bounce back up soon. That I believe in their incredible team, tech and values they have. This was BY FAR the easiest token I could get behind and trust. The potential is unreal, and it will be met. I have and will continue to keep buying and holding all the way to the top when we eventually hit 1 trillion market cap. Now that’s a hot take for you!

**** Please drop a like if you support PYE and share your own comparisons down below! I would love to hear to more and what the community thinks about PYE 😊


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