[Daily /r/Altcoin #5] NEBL is our Altcoin of the Day! For the next ~24 hours we are doing a NEBLIO deep dive. All NEBL/Neblio posts welcome! : altcoin


Many thanks to the REQ team for sending support to yesterday’s thread, really cool project with a lot of partnerships.

Today we’re going a bit deeper down the MCAP list for NEBLIO! We’re happy to do these for ANY Altcoin no matter how big, as long as they look like… real projects… 🙂

Every day one of the more than 6,500+ altcoins will be featured here at r/Altcoin and we’ll get as deep into it as we can and learn about it together through some group research.

After posting the Daily Altcoin thread, we’ll all reach out to the Neblio community on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc, and their shills and bag holders will be invited to brigade us for the day and give us their best sales pitches.

Informative links, articles, videos, gifs, memes, stories of glory, suffering, gains, losses, heartache… It’s all fair game. If it’s about NEBL, then feel free to post it either in this thread or as posts in the sub.

Neblio Team: You have roughly 24 hours. Go!

Website: https://nebl.io/
Gecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/neblio
Explorer: http://explorer.nebl.io/
Subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/neblio

Stats as of posting: 3/29/2021 7:24pm EST

Mcap: $49,156,381
Rank: #502
Price: $2.78 USD / 0.00004828 BTC

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