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DEXKIT is a Defi platform that is building a suite of 4 “super apps” that are designed to make swapping and managing portfolios on DEX protocols easier. It utilizes powerful 0x “middleware” to make cross-protocol (and eventually cross-chain) interactions possible. 0x V4 is one of the most gas-efficient protocols on Ethereum.

The Dswap aggregator scans over 20 DEX protocols on ETH and 8 on BSC. It always finds the best price for tokens. For LARGE trades on tokens across multiple sources of liquidity, you can get more tokens for your swaps. By filling orders from multiple sources, you also lessen your price impact, making it less likely for you to be front-run. The app makes swapping simple with an easy-to-use “uniswap style” interface that can go between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

The KITDEX exchange is an advanced exchange the uses DEXKIT’s underlying aggregator to place and fill limit orders from multiple protocols. Limit orders can be placed WITHOUT PAYING A GAS FEE. This is because you must use wETH for the order, and when the order is filled, a wallet-to-wallet swap is performed with the taker paying the gas for the transaction. The team is currently hosting a limit order competition where they are giving away over 1000 $KIT to the top 3 wallets that fill the most limit orders.

The NFT Marketplace is currently in BETA and DEXKIT is collecting feedback from testers. The app features WordPress integration making it easy for creators and collectors to display their collectibles on any WordPress-enabled site. This will make it easier to make their collections stand out and will ensure that buyers are getting legitimate pieces from their favorite artists and not forgeries.

The Defi Dashboard BETA is available now. It is essentially like Dextools on steroids. The app will have cross-protocol and cross-chain explorers, an onboard multicurrency wallet that can hold BTC, DOT, and ETH based currencies as well as defi holdings, detailed token analytics, a swap platform, and advanced Defi functions called transformer “KITs”

Transformer “KITs” essentially allow users to stake and unstake Defi tokens, liquidate them into a single currency, and restake them on another platform, all in one action. The complexity of Defi is a HUGE barrier for new people entering the space, and DEXKIT is working to make these complex yield-generating instruments easier to use.

Another feature of the platform is that the aggregator, DEX, and marketplace can be deployed by ANYONE through Whitelabel WordPress plugins. All users need to do is hold a set amount of KIT tokens and they can deploy their own “Powered by DEXKIT” tools for their audiences to use.

They have partnered with Bitboy crypto and he has been very public about his support of the project.

The team does bi-weekly updates on their YouTube channel documenting their progress.

Beyond all of the features, the $KIT token is absolutely PRIMED to blow.

Tokenomics $KIT:

MC: $12,099,573
Total Supply: 10m
Circulating Supply: 3m
Liquidity spread on: Uniswap, Mooniswap, Balancer, Bilaxy, and Pancakeswap

DSwap Aggregator:
Dashboard BETA:


Let me know what you guys think!

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