disBalancer ($DDoS). Mcap 1.3m (!) Decentralized DDoS Protection. Launched a week ago 🤖 : altcoin


Introducing disBalancer – $DDoS. disBalancer is a project from the Hacken ($hai) ecosystem, just like HAPI ($hapi). All projects are cyber security related and more are coming.

disBalancer is building a peer-to-peer and serverless node network that connects computer bandwidth and storage pools to websites for DDoS protection and expedited content delivery. It creates connections between consumers with unused computer resources and the companies that need protection for mutual benefit. DDoS is only possible due to unused bandwidth and storage in the first place, so disBalancer can counteract the resources that malicious actors would otherwise steal and incentivizes putting those resources to good use instead. (source: medium)

As for those who are interested in memecoins: it’s definitely not a memecoin but the logo / website is kinda memish. Fun style.

Mcap is 1.3m so when you are reading this now, you are very early. Also, it’s in a nice little dip right now.

Listed on:

  • Uniswap

  • Pancakeswap

  • Gate.io

  • Bilaxy

Interested? For info check out their website . For stats check out coingecko Solid project with moon potential imo.

I’m just a guy who likes the project. Not financial advise. DYOR. 👋🏼

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