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Blockchain games are gaining widespread attention in recent time, this is due to the users forking over enormous sums for digital items and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), giving rise to new on-chain economies.


Even with this widespread attention, it is clear that blockchain games lack a vital element which is the user.

Blockchain gaming has not been able to attract a large audience because it are limited compare to traditional gaming as blockchain games struggle to offer simultaneous playability in a multiplayer setting, and therefore blockchain is limited in what game styles it can offer.

At Verasity, we’re changing the game, without changing the way games are played. Instead of building on the blockchain, we are leveraging blockchain technology to make existing gaming better through features such as Watch & Earn — and the results of this approach speak for themselves. Esports Fight Club, one of the first Verasity-powered platforms, recently partnered with Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile in July 2021 to host Ultimate Warrior Showdown UWS with huge effect. This tournament pulled in an enormous daily average viewership during the tournament of 4.5 million, with peak viewers of over 674,000 in a single stream. With some 14 million total views streamed in over 6 different languages over the length of the tournament

Blockchain Games Vs Blockchain-Enabled Gaming

With the recent PUBG tournament, Verasity has proven that the value for blockchain lies in viewership of traditional games, rather than attracting its own dedicated user base.

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