Five BSC Projects I’m Bullish on right now: $BOG, $FOMO, $JGN, $KET, $INVEST


These are five projects that I really think will take off in the very near future. All have something unique about them (even with three NFT sites in the list), and all have an honest and open community and active devs – something I find really important when deciding where to put my money.

  1. $BOG
  2. $FOMO
  3. $JGN
  4. $KET
  5. $INVEST

As ever, this is not financial advice and please always do your own research and due diligence.

  1. BogTool, Bogged.Finance, $BOG With the price around $20/BOG and an MC of approx $50mil, these guys are going to run the BSC network in the coming years.

There is literally so much to be said about this project that you’d be better off dropping into their sub (r/BogTools) and reading for yourself, or chatting to the community and active based Devs on telegram ( and for all the info.

In brief, in their first 3 months these guys have developed: – Charts. The best looking and most accurate pricing charts on BSC – Charts of choice for Telegram Rocket Bots – Wallet portfolio tracker – Link you wallet to their charts page and see all your tokens and their current value. This is so under-rated-ly awesome… just check it out and watch your stacks cumulative total in action. – Limit Orders – Set buy and sell limit orders on ANY BSC token (fee is £2 in BOG, currently around 0.1 BOG) – Take those sh*tcoin profits or buy the dips you were waiting for in your sleep – V2 incoming with Stop Loses and more features – BogSwap – Trade any tokens on BSC for the best price – Works with v1, v2 or ApeSwap and automatically picks the liquidity pool that will give you the best price – Supports v1 tokens, even after the dump from Pancake (thanks for nothing PancakeSwap!) – Can be embedded into any website so you can buy from your own homepage – Sniper Tool – Match or even beat the bots at BSC token launches to buy new coins – Hold enough $BOG and you can set sniper orders to activate on new tokens the moment liquidity is added, beating most bots and all non-BOG holders. – Limited Company status in Singapore – These guys are doing everything by the book – Oracles and RGN – The thing I know least about, but theirs a whole white paper on their site about oracles and BOG’s verifiable Random Number Generator. – ARG (Augmented Reality Gaming) – The devs have set up a whole series of AR games where coders, designers and mine craft players search through clues to find BNB prizes hidden in the real world. – The Discord channel is used for players to find teams and crack clues. – Huge roadmap of improvements and ambition – Creation of their own Dex and routers – V2 limit orders and stop loses, – Solo staking – earn BNB from the BOG Charts ad revenue – Etc. Etc.



Buy $BOG:

TL:DR – Buy Bog, use BogTools, Be Happy

  1. FOMOLab $FOMO New (5 weeks old) NFT project. Set up to support celebs, artists, sport stars, and musicians create, market, list and auction their NFTs. These guys are killing it right now, with their price still below $1 and an MC of around $80mil, there’s so much hype for where this project can go.

Upon launch, FOMO had already secured an NFT deal with Tyson Fury (World Heavyweight boxing champion) and started with an article in Forbes – This is where I saw them a few weeks ago (I missed presale). Since then these guys have already sponsored the recent Miami Crypto expo and launched their The Avenue NFT Marketplace site, which includes the auction of a custom designed Porsche 911. These guys have a phone book of serious connections.

Their devs are awesome too and regularly chat away in the telegram group or Voice Chat. You’ll also often find their latest collaboration PVLACE sat in the VC just chatting to FOMO investors and generally being based AF.

The team have just launched their own staking site (14.5.21) where you can solo stake and provide FOMO liquidity to earn rewards.

From everything I’ve read, heard and interacted with on this project, under $1 is a hell of a bargain. They’ve got big big plans and I genuinely think they can achieve them.



Buy $FOMO:

TL:DR – FOMO are help genuine current celebs (not the old and out-dated) set up and auction their own unique NFTs.

  1. Juggernaut Defi NFT – $JGN An open and genuine working NFT market place where anyone can mint and sell their own NFTs. Having transitioned over to BSC from the ETH network, JGN offer an NFT marketplace for the masses. The low fees allow day-to-day artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and create their own portfolio of NFTs.

With baking from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Soft Bank and Binance, this project is going to be listed on a very big exchange any moment now. Their creator (Nacho) is often a panellist on the Binance Academy NFT AMA talk-shows.



Buy $JGN:

TL:DR – get in before the Binance listing is announced.

  1. Rowket NFT Marketplace – $KET This is my bet for future big gainz. I’m in early and the team are promising big things; the current community is literally holding it’s breath for them to drop their marketplace. Their market place will differ again by being the only BSC project to offer artist incubation, which means only the best artwork gets in and artists will be Doxx’d and advertised upon listing. This is going to be a shop for genuinely cool artworks. The developer (Lucas) is doxx’d and also from the Lightening project, which got over $50mil MC. A lot of the holders are in it because he has shown he can deliver defi and BSC projects.

Currently sat at a low $2-3mil MC, this is a serious low-cap gem waiting to explode.



Buy $KET:

TL:DR – low-cap NFT gem

  1. InvestDex – $INVEST Not yet launched, but a smooth and widely capable product – first-of-its-kind workstation to visualise, manage, organise and trade your assets across the defi space. Couple that with a great starter community and sociable devs this is going to be one to watch. The team are launching their $INVEST token this month, with launch pads DuckStarter and TosLabs, but from the start have said they will look after early adopters and beta testers with a mini pre-sale. It’s seriously low key at the moment, but I’m crazy bullish about what they can achieve. Again, another dev community doing things the right way and not rushing. It’s going to be an exciting end to the month.


TL:DR – great opportunity to catch a new and unique project at launch

Two others I have a bag with: – CumRocket $CUMMIES – Adult NFTs and just because porn sells – Made big gainz before the price retracted. I think it’s got more in the tank long term though – TG:

  • Gift Coin $GIFT
    • Ambition to create a project that introduces family and friends to crypto by sending them $GIFT tokens. Gift then introduces them with simple and easy to use interfaces, instructions and education.
    • It’s really early with big plans. I like the idea
    • TG:

I hope you guys find this interesting and please let me know about any projects you have your eyes on in the BSC space in the comments.

NOTE: Not financial advice and all opinions are my own. I’m not affiliated with any of these projects, but if they all smash it I’ll send a pic from my moon yacht. I have bags in all of them (except INVEST, which isn’t out yet).

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