Getting listed on a TOP 10 EXCHANGE! THIS WILL BLOW UP! : altcoin


Inxt is the most undervalued file & storage company in the crypto space, finally after years of working they have a reliable product( Internxt app available in ios & android) thats ready for mass adoption, actually its happening they’re growing quite fast their user base.

More products like Internxt send (we transfer), Internxt photos (google photos) & Internxt email will be released this year, + general improvements in Internxt Drive.

Tokenomics are really interesting and currently being improved, today nodes and user receive discounts/boost in payments by holding the token. INXT has a supply of around 500,000 tokens, im no moon boy but i expect at least $300 or $500 by eoy. (Extremely low mkt cap)

Its a keeper for long term. DYOR

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