GlobalGive [GGIVE] [$2 Million Market Cap] [2 day’s old] New BSC token that has the best Tokenomics I’ve ever seen. Already listed on CoinGecko! : altcoin


GlobalGive: The Token of Choice for Global Charities

GlobalGive is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Investing in this token does not only grow your wealth, but hopefully makes the world a better place, as we donate a percentage of proceeds to a charity to be determined every month. GlobalGive is therefore a rotatory Charity Token representing a ground-breaking option for Charities to raise funds in an ever changing world.


1.5 Billion Supply (25% Sold at presale)

Presale funds are locked and only release 25% once a month, so it will be 4 months for the presale funds to become completely unlocked. This was done so pre-sale holder cant dump on the new buyers.

5% of supply set aside for charity wallet, 4% set aside for project development wallet (multi-sig process that requires permission from all the founding team members to release any funds from those wallets

10% Tax on SELLING ONLY! NO TAX ON BUYING! (taxes split: 2% redistributed to wallet holders, 2% burned, 6% distributed directly to the locked liquidity pool)

‘Toxic Whale Tax’, Everybody hates whales that constantly dump on the community. We have developed a progressive tax system that can cost up to an extra 10% in taxes for sales of 1% or greater of the supply. As the tax scales down it is virtually un-noticeable for regular to smaller buys. progressive whale tax splits the same as the standard tax

Max buy/sell limit of 1% of the supply

Anti-Bot Purchase mechanic built into the code (this REALLY helped at launch time)

Other Stats

currently 1178 holders

Market Cap 2M

Liquidity 540k (That’s 25.6% backed liquidity!)

Our Mission

At GlobalGive, we are leading the field in using the power of decentralised finance to become the industry-standard for charities to acquire and receive donations – from grassroots non-profits and disaster relief funds to established charities with global reach. Our goal is to provide a platform, driven by our community of GlobalGiver’s, to boost awareness to causes that need it most as well as donating to more charities monthly. We are doing all of the above whilst rewarding investors for simply holding $GGIVE and providing increased investor protection measures. Hold GlobalGive, change the world!

Team is doxxed, any new members that are added to the team are required to doxx themselves as well. Contract Address: 0x60e9880daef10e960da3c45b076dbdac4f111edf


Reddit: r/globalgive/




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