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Thank you to the moderators for featuring Hbar! In this post I plan to lay out a solid value proposition for Hbar, the native crypto currency to the Hedera network. To start, the Hedera network is currently one of the most utilized DLT’s in the space, and is growing at an alarming pace. This is mainly due to what I believe to be the most outstanding feature of the hashgraph network: HCS(Hedera consensus service). HCS leverages the rock solid, blazing fast, aBFT hashgraph consensus algorithm. In simple terms HCS takes DLT to a whole new level, instead of just crypto transfers or smart contracts, HCS can literally apply distributed consensus to anything, and I mean anything, and after you’ve thought about what it can do, it can do more. Some prime examples: everywhereUK is a medical company who built a system to guarantee vaccines are being stored and handled properly through clever distribution of sensors, they use HCS to accomplish this. IBM announced official collaboration with Hedera and it consensus service to ratchet up speed, security and scalability of hyperledger. The coupon bureau developed a new US standard for coupons, standard 8112, digital coupons, built with HCS as the foundation. Last one(my personal favorite) EFTPOS(Australian debit operator) utilizing HCS for settlements. There are numerous examples of HCS being applied everywhere and could go on for hours, but I want to focus on why this is so ground breaking. HCS is not looking to uproot the system and replace it, HCS is designed to reduce friction and barrier to entry, and will help enterprises be competitive. If you think retail FOMO is bad, think about multi billion dollar ceo FOMO losing profits because they’re being out competed by someone else using HCS, the coupon bureau said this is already happening with digital coupons LOL. So what, these guys don’t care about me, they only care about the bottom line! Exactly! Self interest will push them to HCS. if they all use HCS what’s the point of Hbar? HCS needs Hbar to run! It is the fuel for HCS. This is where the filthy Hbarbarian comes into play, the Hbarbarian knows this and holds Hbar for when the day comes enterprises are consuming Hbar at an alarming pace, and Hbar explodes due to enterprise demand. Thank you for your time, this post is nowhere near exhaustively describes Hedera, but gives the reader a taste, happy HODLing


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