Hindsight is 2020: It’s not too late to be early to crypto | by Peter Smith | @blockchain | Jan, 2021


Wind at our backs, lots of growth, and the road to 1B wallets

Wow, 2020. It’s hard to say anything that will address the highs, the lows, the fear, the relief, the community, and the news we all experienced. It can feel trite to try to bring it all back to your work — but we tried to do so with this video:

Hindsight is 2020

We’re on a mission to tirelessly help build a financial system for the internet that empowers anyone in the world to control their money. 2020 was not only big for the market, but also a hugely transformative year for our product. We shipped:

New ways to buy, sell, and earn crypto

📈 Earn up to 12% annual interest on your crypto with Interest Accounts

⚡️ A lightning-fast way to Buy Crypto with cards or bank

🏦 A simple way to borrow against your crypto

🪂 Airdropped Blockstack Stacks tokens to over 300,000 users

🇹🇷 Launched an on-ramp for Turkish customers with the Turkish Lira

🆇 Launched XRP on the Exchange

🦄 Launched a DeFi portal and support for YFI, AAVE, ENJ, OGN

😎 Simple Trade on the Exchange

☁️ Cloud backups for mobile wallets

New content

🎧 Launched the Blockchain.com Podcast and have grown to 10k+ listeners

🎥 Hosted 9 consecutive monthly market update webinars with guests including Anthony Sassano, Peter Van Valkenburgh, and more

🎨 Oh, and we have a new look — new logo, refreshed design, and improved UI

Improved customer experience

📱 A better, faster, and more powerful mobile experience

🖥 Not to mention a new and improved web experience

💬 24/7 Live Chat available to all Exchange customers

🌐 Revamped and re-launched the Exchange Trading API

📊 New and improved charts and data in the Blockchain.com Explorer

Blockchain.com by the numbers

🚀 Reached the milestone of 60M wallets created

💻 We saw 600M page views on our website

📲 Blockchain.com Wallets made up over 30% of ALL bitcoin transactions this year to date

Thought leadership

🙌 We hosted a public event outlining our plans for The Next Era of Crypto

🏛 Sent a letter to Secretary Mnuchin about FinCEN rulings

💰 Shared an update on Blockchain.com Ventures

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