In a very good uptrend and currently consolidating. $3m market cap, 3 days old, 1500 holders. Still an early investment and could be the next big one to go : altcoin


WenMoon has been on a roll the past few days. After launching it quickly gained traction and it hasn’t stopped yet. It has already been listed on Blockfolio. It is currently consolidating in what looks like could be a push to all time highs. There have been almost no selloffs which is a good indication that its investors believe it will only soar much higher. Looking at the chart, I do believe we see a good push here soon.

WenMoon is taking a different route than others by offering a 15% redistribution rate to its investors. That means those buying and holding for what seems to be a significant rise in value will be rewarded exponentially. This could be one of the reasons they have amassed 1500+ holders in just 3 days. To put that in perspective, SafeMoon currently has over 300,000 holders. So this is still a very early buy.

Their market cap is currently around $3m in only 3 days. This could be the next coin to reach a $10m market cap, which would be huge for its investors.

– More listing are in the works

– Huge marketing push

– Very active community

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