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🔥🔥🐶 Welcome to Australian Kelpie $KNOCKERS🔥🔥🐶

Founded by two 8 figure marketing business owners and a young up and coming developer, Australian Kelpie ($KNOCKERS) is a 100% fairly launched coin that perpetually burns itself, markets itself, and donates to help end human trafficking.

As a herding dog, the Australian Kelpie Dog is intensely loyal and prepared for duty. A hard muscled, energetic, and agile dog, the Australian Kelpie is fully capable and known for performing untiring search and rescue work.

An estimated 24.9 million victims are trapped in modern day slavery. Of these, 64% were exploited for labor, 4.8 million (19%) were sexually exploited, and 4.1 million (17%) were exploited in state-imposed forced labor.

Every-time $KNOCKERS is traded, a portion of each transaction goes towards Operation Underground Railroad; knocking on/down human traffickers doors to rescue victims.

Operation Underground Railroad exists to rescue children and women from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. OUR performs coordinated rescue missions to save victims of human trafficking and arrest the criminals behind the operations. By holding $KNOCKERS, you are tributing and supporting the hard working men and women at OUR who are literally knocking down doors to save lives.

$KNOCKERS is the first coin to have perpetual marketing and donation. Everyday, 60% of newly added liquidity is pulled for donation to OUR as well as to marketing the project. The $KNOCKERS portion is burnt to a dead dress creating daily deflation while BNB is split 50/50 towards donation and marketing. Thus approximately 3% of daily BNB volume in used for marketing to generate attention and holders to the project and 3% of daily BNB volume is donated straight to OUR. On top of all this, 2% of daily volume is reflected amongst all holders to reward long term holding – similar to staking.

This tokenomic design drives maximum value towards holders as well as our mission. We understand that taking care of our holders maximizes in turn how well we can benefit our cause. Driving value in terms of deflation and marketing to our $KNOCKERS holders, will in turn maximize holder count and volume in order to generate the largest daily net donations to OUR. As you have read in the description of our tokenomics, we relock 40% of new liquidity that’s generated each day, and with the other 60% , we burn the $KNOCKERS creating deflation, and split the BNB 50/50 for charity and marketing! Due to the perpetual marketing fund, it will take a few days to fund initial marketing and coordinate it, so please be patient for marketing. The upside to this is that daily volume will dictate daily marketing spend, and we will have a large, recurring, self-sustaining budget.

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