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What do day traders do?

I don’t mean like, what is our day-to-day (which is essentially like being in the wild rotating between predator and prey), but what is our actual function in society?

Some economists argue that our job is to fuel small businesses and prop good ideas up creating volume and attention and inevitably raising the capital in the product. But does buying a bunch of tokens and then dumping them on new investors really create social good? If you don’t hold the tokens for more than a day, did you really help the business?

To which, ya know, who really cares, that’s not what you came to a moonshots forum for. But people outside of our bubble care. Regulators care. Voters care. Investors care. Eventually, for the entire system to grow, we’re going to have to prove that what gets created out here is more than just a bunch of shitcoins in a shit ecosystem creating a complete shitstorm.

LifeLine Token provides an opportunity to have your cake and eat it too. With an initial 5% charity wallet that gets fed from transaction fees, LifeLine makes monthly donations to causes combating children’s cancer, the first of which has already gone out to Alex’s Lemonade. That’s right, now we can day trade and virtue signal at the same time.

So once you’re finished feeling good about your karma, it would be a good time to remember that Grumpy Cat went from $5M – $50M in a single day. This all after news started pouring out about a silly meme with a heart of gold that managed to very quickly send out $70,000 to charity. Luckily, unlike Grumpy Cat, Lifeline isn’t going to be facing any copyright issues and is ready to scale for the future rather than plan a short stay in relevancy.

With that the team has already shown great dedication in engaging with their community and delivering on their roadmap. For a project that’s only two weeks old, it’s incredible to see them already listed on CoinMarketCap. As a BSC token with a fully diluted market cap under $13M you just don’t see that a lot.

And if you’re worried about rugs because, ya know, BSC, and the irony of being taken by a charity token is too much for you, there’s no need to worry. The contract is available for you to review and has had an audit completed by TechRate so there’s no nonsense mint functions, and all liquidity has been burned. There’s even an anti-dump feature in place that prevents any wallet from selling more than 1% of the total circulating supply at any time so you don’t have to worry about a single whale dominating the market.

The only thing that could be rugged is the charity wallet itself, but it started at a 5% share of tokens so it’s nothing worth writing home about for a team of their size, and they’re looking into finding a third-party custodian anyway in order to keep public trust high.

With the whitepaper coming soon and a ton of marketing still on the way as they get every detail in place for a big push, know that you’re still early to what is a unique cause in a growing space. Just as we see thousands of charity organizations thriving in traditional finance, know that this is only the beginning in DeFi as people find new ways to skim margins off day traders for the good of society. Because, fair or not, society will be coming demanding to see the easy-to-digest fruits of our labor. LifeLine is definitely going to be a good start.




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