Looking at our trials with a silver lining : altcoin


I lost my job last year as my company became bankrupt. I was worried about meeting my ends meet. And was unable to pay even my house rent. There were days when I survived on 2 meals a day.

I looked for many jobs both in-house and online, but luck was not with me. I was going into depression and I decided to ask my older brother for help. He allowed me to stay in for a couple of weeks just enough for me to hopefully land a job. Finding and landing a job during a pandemic is really hard. Then one day, with the little money I have, I decided to go for cryptocurrency. It was a random decision as I needed something to kill my time and save myself from falling into a pitfall. It was something that I’ve been meaning to do but I didn’t have enough reason to go that route until I lost my job.

I joined Utopia and first started with CRP. I liked it coz it was easy to mine and I get to earn money without doing any hard labor. after investing in it for a year, a new token came out and I started investing in UUSD. I was amazed that it was less vulnerable than the physical currency. The currency rates kept on going high. I traded my UUSD through Utopia and earned a handsome profit.

After earning through CRP and UUSD, my life became stable and I was able to pay my rent, pay my dues and afford to have decent meals. It turns into a life-changing decision for me. Now I am more at peace and have ample food on my table. The world of cryptocurrency has changed my life. And I am not thinking of going back to the 9 to 5 job again.


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