Military.Finance has partnered with the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation. YES, The same Chris Kyle from American Sniper Movie! (2.5Million Followers) : altcoin


It’s been a while since we’ve done an update. Two weeks since the last post seems like an eternity in crypto time. Lets see what we’ve gotten accomplished:

  1. Took over the bitcoin convention in Miami.

  2. Sponsored a Nascar.

  3. Got onto Bitmart and trades with USDT.

  4. Partnered with Heart of a Lion Foundation. Gave our first $20k Donation Check!

  5. Partnered with Uncommon Grit Foundation with McB. A Seal veteran/speaker/actor/athlete/author/everyday cool guy. See what he had to say:

  6. Deployed: Operation Sponsor a Soldier. (Brought our first soldier home that hasnt seen their family in years. Here’s the setup: The family is unsuspecting and will be taken to a restaurant. The soldier will come out with a mask on and pretend to be a waiter and will take off the mask to be reunited. The footage will be put together and put on youtube to gather more eyes on the project and more people that need sponsoring. These type of videos have more views than cat videos. The footage will be deployed in a few days.

  7. Deployed: Operation Medic. (Sponsor our first soldier and pay for the unconventional treatment

  8. Built the worlds first ar15 rifle. Got world wide news coverage about it.

  9. Started a partnership with Taya Kyle from the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation. She has over 2.5 Million followers within her reach. We are not talking about a shout out. We are talking a partnership between audiences. and we have 5k holders. you can use your imagination after we onboard Taya’s 2.5m, McB 100k, etc.

The roadmap has been updated and new pages have been added. Take a look at the site and check out the new additions. Take a look at the roadmap (Which was updated today and see what direction we are going.)

I can’t tell you exactly the plans until its all the ink has been dried but I can assure you there are some really big players in the space and we are working diligently behind the scenes to make changes left and right to bring value to the project.

Upcoming events: Currenlty announced is the Taya Foundation that will activate next week. We will be working together going forward to bring more light on the project. Also, the bitcoin ar15 auction which will have celebrities and A List musicians involved and be a world wide live streamed event. The unveiling is going to be July 4th. It will be awesome! Were only at 5k holders and we’re just getting started!

There are a bunch more events planned in the works. Here’s a hint of an upcoming event that we have NOT announced: WBTOCOANSE

Whoever can decode this will win $500 of mil. You can join us on our subreddit and make any guesses. First one to guess it wins!

View the AMA: Twitch AMA


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