$Milk and $Butter tokens continue to donate to charity proving once again that their values remain intact despite market wide dips. 20 concurrent giveaways are happening at the same time to thank our holders! : altcoin


As of today officially $460k has been donated to charity in the last 3 months. Check the announcement here.

Charity poll results 6/27/2021

Total donated: 2.216 ETH (~$4,022)

Food for Life Global: 79.3% (~$3,189) Action Against Hunger: 20.7% (~833)

An up to date number of the kids that have been fed with our donations to Food For Life Global can be found at https://ffl.org/user/milktoken/

To see our celebratory giveaways taking place right now, check our Redditfor the links where you can win up to $450!

I’m addition, we have our live video AMA tonight at 8pm PST! Come watch, ask questions about our project, and participate in the power hour that follows!

News from this week:

• 20 concurrent giveaways to win up to $450

• Over 40,200 $Milk holders and over 7,500 $Butter holders

• Tokens covered on the Crypto Flash YouTube channel

• Several major news sites and magazines featured $Milk and $Butter token including the massively popular Bella Magazine •Our tokens will be featured in an upcoming Indie film! Find a sneak peek here: https://twitter.com/milk_token/status/1403789126961299456?s=21

• The new NFT artwork for voting on our poll closed, next contract to release in the coming days!

• Officially partnered with a marketing firm to help promote and advertise our tokens.

• Working with a cannabis community on Facebook with over 30 million followers to promote our tokens and raise awareness for world hunger.

• Working on a NFT marketplace to buy, sell, and trade your NFTs, giving holders a chance to get the artwork they missed out on!

Milk and Butter tokens, for those that haven’t heard, are companion tokens in the Binance Smart Chain with an emphasis on charity giving. Milk is an RFI token that can be staked to generate Butter, which is used to power community voting for their favorite charities on a weekly basis. Those that merely wish to vote may purchase Butter tokens on the open market as well, which also drives rewards for those that stake Milk! https://www.milktoken.net/voting.html

5% of all Butter transactions are guaranteed to go to a charity wallet. In addition, Butter can be used to suggest new charities. https://www.milktoken.net/suggest.html

$455k has been donated to charity so far, at a very low market cap. We made crypto history when Butter became the first BEP-20 token to partner with a major food charity: Food For Life Global https://ffl.org/20077/cryptocurrency-butter-token/

The liquidity for both the Milk and Butter tokens is locked away until 2022, at which point both will be relocked. Our Market cap is still low with a solid base, we’re building our community for healthy growth, and we’ll continue to develop this project with many exciting use cases plus a full array of features to be rolled out as development completes.

Each week the Milk and Butter token team hosts AMAs with the Developer on Twitch where the community can ask any questions they may have. Occasionally, we have guests, such as when the CEO of “Food For Life Global” joined us and explained the amazing genesis of “Food for Life Global” and took viewer questions. Our AMA’s stream every Sunday at 8pm PST/ 3am UTC here.

Roadmap: • Gamification of the tokens

• Expanding our number of partnerships

• The voting and staking processes will continue to be refined to make the experience as easy and accessible as possible.

• Planned instructional content to help those new to crypto learn about the space and how to purchase and use the Milk and Butter tokens.

• Additional exchange listings

Accomplishments so far: • Code built from the ground up to develop both tokens.

• Unique staking and voting systems implemented. $460,000 donated to various charities in our first two months

• Official global charity partnership with “Food For Life Global” and “Action Against Hunger” (The first token to partner with two major food charities)

• Milk has been audited

• $Butter has been audited

• The developer is doxxed

• Milk and Butter LLC is established with full team being doxxed here.

• Several NFTs developed for voting on the charity poll

• 3 separate tiers of voting NFTs with new voting contract

• Now listed on “Action Against Hunger’s” website.

• Partnered with an independent marketing firm to promote our tokens with strategic marketing.







$Milk CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/milk-token/

$Butter CMC

$MILK Market Cap

$BUTTER Market Cap

• $Milk tracked on Coinbase

• $Butter tracked on Coinbase

• $Butter on Coingecko

• $Milk on Coingecko

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