MoonLander the MoonShot – $60k MCAP


Note. i bought into this crypto few hours ago. Biased 🙂

MoonLander is the newly released BSC Community Token. Are you tired of Cryptos with burning and minting, basically devs playing around with supply for their own advantage? This token has a locked supply, simply a fair market with much on the free float since devs only own 18%.

So what are the specs for this token?

  • The Token hasnt even been live for 24 hours yet!

  • Current MarketCap $32 000

  • Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 MOONLANDER

    • Holders: 100 addresses

  • Transfers: 444

  • 28% Liquidity Locked

  • 18% Hold by devs for marketing and development

  • No Burn, No Mint = Devs cant manipulate supply

Contract on the Binance Smart Chain

Marketing strategy
The team behind MoonLander is completly focusing on social media and has made several collabs a few hours ago on tiktok.Presale brought in 40 BNB which closed within 10 minutes after release on DxSale, all BNBs are being spend on marketing.

They have a great and good looking website

Active telegram group

Tradable on PancakeSwap

Check trades on Poocoin

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