New BSC deflationary token just released yesterday. Diamond Hands ($dmdhands) : altcoin


This one has lots of potential, a friend of Mine is one of the devs and it’s a solid team. Locked liquidity for 151 years. Coingecko and CMC listings coming soon. Could see a nice run, just figured I would share with you guys.

What is Diamond Hands Finance? $DMDhands is a slow-burning, high rewards token that will make your hands stronger than ever. A massive 4.75% of every transaction will be redistributed to all holders, giving back to those who don’t have paper hands. Diamonds are often sold and lost with time. The longer you hodl, the more valuable your tokens will be. There will be a 0.25% token burn from the total supply for every transaction placed. A lower burn rate than our competitors means a more sustainable, lasting token.

$DMDhands runs on the Binance Smart Chain, this means $DMDhands users can perform swaps and provide liquidity with fast, low cost transactions and get quick confirmations.

$DMDhands team is working to introduce ETH network cross chain implementation, incentives for additional liquidity pools and hosting community engagement events including airdrops. Since this is a community token, holders are encouraged to suggest ideas and ultimately the community will decide in which direction to go. If you want to get early, now is the time. Less than 160 holders but quickly going up.



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