PONYO INU – First anime inspired auto impact token! : altcoin


Meme tokens have exploded in price recently and therefore I want to share Ponyo Inu with y’all. Ponyo Inu is the first anime inspired auto impact investing token! Barely a week old and has already managed to do 58x in the first couple days, with a market cap at around 15,000,000$. Ponyo Inu has managed to donate over 600,000$ to Coral Reef restorations and as well as Mr Beast’s and Mark Rober’s “Team Seas”. I personally like that this isn’t just a meme coin, but contributes to a tangible cause. There is a ton of work being done with the branding and marketing over there. It’s bound to explode soon, I would hop on this train while we’re still extremely early! Do NOT miss out on this opportunity! 🚀


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