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A blockchain is by definition a public ledger. All transactions are publicly registered and are visible to everyone. This makes it possible to derive the relationship between 2 wallets and to create a profile of a person based on their online behaviour. Even worse, since crypto exchanges require KYC, a simple database leak can help hackers or institutions connect your personal information to previous transactions. With that knowledge, I notice that it is increasingly important to me to protect my privacy.

Various privacy solutions have been launched, such as Monero and ZCash, but those projects have their own chains and there is no way for them to cover privacy on other blockchains as well. Now that I use Binance Smart Chain more and more, I started looking for a privacy solution for BSC. In my search , I came across two interesting projects: Swirl Cash (SWIRL) and Typhoon Network (TYPH).

It appears that these two projects are competing to be the go-to solution for privacy on BSC. Swirl is a fork of the proven successful and was the first to bring privacy protection to BSC, but things seem to be a bit quiet around that project. Typhoon Network seems to be more active with a growing community and is on the verge of being listed on various exchanges which gives me the idea this is a more promising project. Another big difference is the fee. Where Swirl asks a fee of 1%, it is only 0.1% with Typhoon Network.

Is it better to stick with the project which was first to the scene (SWIRL), or do the benefits of the fast-follower (TYPH) outweigh the risks of using a newer network? Which is easier to use? Is one network more reliable? Does anyone have experience with their customer support? Looking for answers to these questions before I commit.

Tl;dr I need my privacy on BSC and wonder which project, Swirl Cash or Typhoon Network, is better in comparison.

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