Provide liquidity for PolyDoge and earn $Quick : altcoin


The MATIC network has been exploded, apart from a few ‘not so minor’ hiccups in the market recently, the growth has been strong and we have seen an influx of people into the Polygon mainnet.

One of the first memecoins (bare with me here) to launch on the network was PolyDoge, but it is already setting itself up as much more than a memecoin. With staking, liquidity pools and brand new NFT’s released yesterday for people who were holding the coin a few days ago, PolyDoge is setting the gold standard on this young and upcoming network.

There is a great community on telegram, who stayed positive throughout the dip, with amazing fan art and even a song on spotify! (released today). Pop in for a look and join the 4150 and growing strong community who genuinely believe that this (still small market cap) coin is destined for great things.




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