$Safetoken 3 audits, number 1 vote on blockfolio and soon being listed on Coingecko and cmc! : altcoin


Let me introduce you to Safetoken a fairly new token, as of today (10th of April) it is 17 days old with a lot of potential. We already have 5000 holders and growing. Safetoken has a very active telegram (with over 4200 members) and a discord channel. It’s a community owned token. 50% of al tokens were burned during launch and with every sell 5% gets burned and another 5% goes to the holders, so you have passive income. We have a low market cap right now, around 2 million. We already have three audits and are waiting to get listed on Coingecko, cmc and ar top voted on blockfolio. For more informatie take a look at our website: https://safetoken.xyz you can see our future plans and everything we already achieved. So give Safetoken a chance, we are ready to go to the moon 🚀🚀 looking forward what the future may hold!

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