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$SENSI Devs have doxxed, Updates from AMAs, AND a Wes Spencer Video!


Sensible.Finance’s token, $SENSI, has recently been listed on one of the 10 top CEXs in the world – Digifinex.com! With over a 100 cryptocurrencies, and being one of the leaders in liquidity and volume, Digifinex has brought us exposure to over 4 million trusted users that sees potential in $SENSI.

In addition, the team has doxxed on their website! You may see part of the team’s Linkedin profiles, with their CEO having an impressive background, having come from both Google and Microsoft!

The community’s trust has been steadily growing over the past weeks, as we’ve had the team dox, 2 AMAs, AND a Wes Spencer video! For the uninitiated, Wes Spencer a Crypto Youtuber that does not simply promote ANY project that he is paid to… He believes in each of the projects that he chooses to promote, as his reputation is clearly on the line.

To have Wes promote $SENSI is a great step forward in gaining more trust from the community, as well as from new investors!

Having completed our AMAs over the past week, $SENSI investors now have a clearer idea of what is to come next, with various goodies available for investors to pick out! These include:

  1. The availability of $SENSI Locking to all investors,

  2. Hints to marketing pushes,

  3. Forms of utility that the team is planning to add, such as rug checkers/contract checkers to prevent scams from happening to you guys!

  4. Listings on other CEXs,

  5. The release of Alpha Testing to investors who have signed up!

  6. Ability to farm SENSI-BNB LPs on a low-risk farm!

If you already cannot wait, join us at our Telegram – https://t.me/sensiblefinance, and check out the transcripts for the 2 AMAs (in the pinned messages)!

Now if that isn’t enough for you to look forward to, just keep a look out for Smart Staking! Why? Smart Staking is essentially the equivalent of an ETF, in the crypto space. And what does that mean for Smart Stakers, and $SENSI Holders? What is the difference between Smart Staking and $SENSI Locking?

Smart Staking Smart Staking will require BNB as input for a set, fixed term stake. The BNB will be used to stake in 10-15 different, pre-audited and whitelisted high-yield farms, each day. The rewards and initial deposit will only be able to be collected AFTER the stipulated term is over. Smart Staking is inherently riskier than $SENSI Locking due to the fact that they are sent out to yield farms. However, the risk is compensated for through the diversification of the type of farms that the BNB is distributed to. What this means, is that if one farm makes a loss on any given day, the gains from the other farms will be able to mitigate the losses.

Rewards will be paid out to Smart Stakers in $SENSI, of which a certain percentage will be reflected to the dynamic reward pool for $SENSI Locking.

$SENSI Locking $SENSI Locking is a steady, deflationary rewards program for $SENSI holders. Holders will be able to lock their tokens and be rewarded a percentage of the dynamic rewards pool (to be explained later), that is distributed to all $SENSI lockers daily. Lockers will be able to benefit from the inbuilt 4% token burn. The rewards will be paid out in $SENSI.

So what do we mean by a Dynamic Reward Pool for $SENSI Locking? You see, we can’t afford for our Reward Pool to be depleted, right? So what we’ve done, was to promise a percentage of the reward pool to all $SENSI Lockers. The percentage is NOT fixed – it is dynamic and changes from day to day, depending on the reflected yield from Smart Staking – we expect this to be around 0.35 to 6% of the reward pool. This percentage of the reward pool will be distributed to all $SENSI Lockers by the amount that they have locked. For example, if a total of 10 tokens were Locked, and you locked 1 token, you will receive 10% of the percentage of the dynamic reward pool that is paid out at the end of the day, i.e., if the pool has 1000 tokens and pays out 1% that day, you will receive (1% x 1000 x 10%) = 1 token as your reward for the day.

And why is this beneficial to all holders? 7. Since all the rewards are paid out in $SENSI, anyone who participates in Smart Staking are essentially paying for $SENSI. 8. With the in-built burn mechanism AND a reflection of Smart Staking yield into the dynamic reward pool, $SENSI holders are automatically rewarded, AND this ensures a healthy and continuous buy order of $SENSI. 9. Smart Stakers don’t miss out, either. With a higher expected return due to the lowered amount of risk incurred through Smart Staking, it essentially ensures a much more acceptable reward-to-risk ratio. AND you get paid in $SENSI, which grows with every transaction.

If this doesn’t get you thinking about how to make your money work for you in Crypto, what will? Join us – join the #SENSIREVOLUTION. The onus is on us, to make our money work for us, and $SENSI will pave the way for you.

Join Us on our Telegram! https://t.me/sensiblefinance

Read our latest Medium article, here! https://financesensible.medium.com/sensi-update-smartstake-beyond-d9e333d81aaa

DIGIFINEX TRADABLE https://www.digifinex.com/en-ww/trade/USDT/SENSI

Visit us here, and read our Whitepaper! https://sensible.finance/

Be Sensible, buy $SENSI here: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x7869044d36ea75975b793ca4312608cc3817895b&inputCurrency=BNB

Coingecko Listed https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/sensible-finance

CoinMarketCap Listed https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sensible-finance/

Contract: V2 on Pancake Swap 0x7869044d36ea75975b793ca4312608cc3817895b

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