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About SmartX (Smart Map, Kit Zhitu, English Smart Map)

SmartX is a high performance third generation open source blockchain project built on DAG architecture using sharding technologies. After three years of painstaking research and development, the SmartX mainnet is slated to officially launch in April 2021. SmartX has a hybrid PoS + PoW consensus, staking, a red envelope app, a confidential chat, its own DEX exchange and a store for fast smart contract development.

SmartX Features

SmartX (Smart Map) without ICO, Fair Start is a completely new revolutionary public network project. It can solve the problem of slow and costly transactions in Bitcoin and Ethereum while ensuring security and decentralization. Based on proprietary architecture technology, it can quickly realize the performance of all kinds of public chains in the market and significantly reduce the development costs of blockchain functions for enterprises.

  • Fast transaction
    A transaction can be completed quickly without the precondition that both parties are online at the same time.

  • Dynamic capacity expansion
    With its ability to create blocks independently and unlimited scalability, SmartX can be used as a dynamic scaling solution for chained blockchains.

  • B – DAG algorithm
    One of the main elements of the algorithm, independently developed by SmartX, is the use of our original B-DAG structure segmentation, parallel block and merge technology, its biggest advantage is that it can make the block no longer overflowed.

  • Consensus mechanism
    SmartX uses a hybrid PoW + PoS consensus mechanism. The SmartX network has both PoS nodes and PoW nodes.

  • High performance TPS
    SmartX achieves high performance and throughput by developing next generation blockchain technology that will revolutionize power and transaction speed. The blockchain no longer needs to wait for Ethereum 2.0. What he can do SmartX can do or even better.

  • Public network SmartX initially supports 25 nodes. Each POS node produces 12 coins every 15 seconds, and 12 coins are distributed according to the amount of the user’s collateral in the collateral agreement. PoW produces 72 coins every 15 seconds and 72 coins are distributed according to the computational power of the PoW machine. Half-life – every 2 years.

  • Application scenarios
    SmartX public network platform can serve blockchain technology for products such as DEFI, liquidity mining, DEX, smart contract storage, red envelope app, decentralized social, private communication, etc.


SmartX Team

Frank worked at WeChat Pay as a senior engineer and participated in the development
payment systems for various asset management products WeChat Pay and Hongbao. During his work at WeChat Pay, he patented 2 of his inventions. Restructured XDAG source code. Former chief engineer of the EtherZero (ETZ) DAG project.

Product and Operations Manager, formerly at Lenovo and Bitmain, has extensive experience in teamwork and management.

Li Zhao
Li has worked as a senior engineer at WeChat Pay and has been involved in the development of the WeChat Pay asset management product as well as the mobile payment system. He has 12 years of experience with payment gateways and is well versed in the BlockDAG algorithm. He also restructured the XDAG source code.

Jesse graduated from Stanford University with a master’s degree in marketing. Jesse also earned her Master’s Degree in Web and Media Design from the University of the Academy of Arts (San Francisco, USA). Jesse has extensive experience in visual and user interface design and product marketing. The LinkedIn profile indicates that Jesse is the co-founder of the project.

Former CTO of Shenzhen NetQian Technology Co., Ltd., NEO and XDAG source code developer,
specialist in the field of encryption and anonymous communications, researcher of the source code of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as DAG technology.Криптовалюты/smartx

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