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Some of you here know about the sleeping giant that is Syscoin (currently celebrating its 7th birthday this week) 🥮

Well my friends, today is the day the Syscoin team unveiled the first screenshots of their NEVM! (“Network Enhanced Virtual Machine”) As a matter of fact, the NEVM is currently live on a private testnet, & the public testnet phase is anticipated approximately three weeks from now. Heard enough? Go 👀 the screenshots on the official blog post!

I’m Intrigued, Tell Me More

By launching the NEVM, Syscoin will be unique in that it will not only have Turning Complete smart contracts (and have the ability to port over contracts from ETH), but it is also merge-mined with Bitcoin, so you get the decentralized smart contract & DeFi capabilities of ETH, plus the hardened security of Bitcoin (did you know that Syscoin has the second highest hashrate of any coin … period?) 💪 Also of note: the speeds are insane, scalability is through the roof* & that fees (to mint NFTs, gas, etc) are microscopically tiny. *audited by Whiteblock

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