SPACECORGI [6.5M market cap] [12 days old] [Ownership Renounced] Partnerships with major Pet Service iOS/Android apps


While we’re waiting for BTC/ETH to come back, now is actually a good and risky entrypoint to what I think will be the biggest new dog token in 1-2 months time. Yeah dog tokens can be risky right now but this is a moonshot and SpaceCorgi has actual potential as a 100-1000x coin. Here is why I’m going big on SpaceCorgi:

💥 Major pet partnerships from day 0. They have a major partnership with the biggest iOS/Android dog waste removal app. Scoopers even has an online shop coming that will be completely powered by $SCORGI:

With SpaceCorgi’s partnership with, just look at similar projects that once started from zero:

Imagine passing on any of these companies in their infancy if you had the chance. Remember that SpaceCorgi has TRUE UTILITY.

💥 The dev team is incredibly experienced. They had some of the fastest CMC and CG listings I’ve ever seen and that is with all the congestion that so many shitcoins have caused. One member of their dev team is also recognized on a Forbes list. Their identities aren’t public yet but they plan to announce after the first Centralized Exchange Listing

💥 Honestly, how well the community and dev team have held up in the past few days when BTC and ETH have dropped so much is enough to convince me that SpaceCorgi is a long-term play and here to stay

💥 I’ve seen a lot of TikTokers mention SpaceCorgi and honestly that’s how I first heard about SafeMoon, so maybe I’m biased but I think that is a good indicator of turbo chad market caps. Dev team says they have a bunch of TikTokers and even celebrity shout-outs scheduled for this week.

💥 First AMA is this week

DYOR I am not a financial adviser.


Subreddit: r/SpaceCorgi



✅Contract Address: 0x5a81b31b4a5f2d2a36bbd4d755dab378de735565


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