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TradeStrike Ltd. $Strike (DD)

To start off this post, this is my own DD on TradeStrike & Strike Coin ($STRIKE) and not financial advise. 

So what is TradeStrike ?

TradeStrike is a London based UK registered company building a brokerage that is looking to be the next main UK trading platform. 

When was TradeStrike created ? 

TradeStrike was registered as a UK Ltd Company on 05/03/2021 and Strike Coin was launched at 09:00 02/04/2021.

Who are the Developers ?

(taken from the website) 

Joe Jowett – Co-Founder, CEO 

“With an impressive background in Engineering, Joe is serving as the CEO & Lead Developer for both TradeStrikeTM & StrikeCoinTM projects. An avid trading enthusiast, Joe also masterminds a specialist Discord community by the name of TickerToutsTM that boasts a staggering 1300+ active trading members since its inception in January 2021.”

Kishan Vadgama – Co-Founder, CEO

“Kishan brings over 11+ years of industry experience in Design & Branding, with a specialist focus in startup business operations. His career is built on liaising with teams across the board and gathering back-end data for analysis & leveraging it to increase front-line performance. He loves to create things that people love, and love to use.”

What is different with this brokerage compared to other brokerages ? 

TradeStrike is for the people, by the people. With this brokerage you will be able to:

  • Trade Stocks, Crypto, NFT’s & Real Estate

  • Have no cancelled orders due to low liquidity.

  • Have no assets being placed on sell only status.

  • Have no stocks you want to buy being restricted.

  • Have no monster spreads and hidden fees.

  • Have the freedom to trade what you want, when you want, with zero restrictions.

  • Roam a user friendly app that’s is easy to learn and set up.

So why should you trust and invest in TradeStrike ?

I cannot make your mind up for you but here are some reasons as to why I trust TradeStrike:

Where can I contact them ? 

They also did and AMA here.

How to buy Strike

Strike is listed on:

Now hopefully you enjoyed this read and found it informative enough. I’ll link another DD here if you want someone else’s view on TradeStrike & Strike Coin.

Remember that TradeStrike as a company was born before Strike Coin. Many launch coins first and either incorporate company later (like GMR) or don’t at all. Once TradeStrike is FCA registered, things will really blow up.

In my own opinion I believe that this project has insane potential and has a strong enough community to carry it to where it needs to be. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or anyone in the community and I’m sure we will all be able to help you. 


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