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Thoughts on StrikeCoin – Tokenisation of Assets | $STRIKE

Been interested in this project for a while, wondering what other users think about it.

It plans to launch in the future and is currently in the research phase. I’m invested in this and believe it is the one to hold

The future of retail trading, seamless and fast trading of stocks, crypto, nft and real estate using tokenisation

Currently sitting around 5m Market Cap

token named ‘StrikeCoin’ ($STRIKE) has been released and the team behind it are working on an enormous project creating a blockchain powered Trading/Investment platform called TradeStrike. The unique selling point of this coin means there is a high serious room for exponential growth. A blockchain powered brokerage will allow for tokenisation of all assets, including; Stocks, Crypto, NFT’s and even real estate. Expansion into brokerages that offer multiple different equities is the natural next step.

There is a high demand for a fair and ethical trading platform, as online trading platforms are experiencing exponential growth and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. StrikeCoin will be the fuel that powers the platform, being used in all transactions. Below are some key points with the strides STRIKE has made in the early stages.

Key Points of Strike:

– 900m Supply, many time locked and burnt

– 73.4% liquidity locked

– Great Supply Structure

– Growing community, cheap and low market cap

– 5000+ holders

– Listed on:




SolidityFinance Audit: Approved & extremely positive result (see below)

– The project is in the early R&D phase (Research & Development) – Active roadmap available on:

– High demand for a reliable application with lack of competitors/alternatives

– Determined, disciplined & transparent team actively available to be reached through discord/twitter.

– Loyal holders that won’t allow price to drop dramatically (large dips always get ate)

– TradeStrike platform will seek community input and feedback throughout development and ongoing after launch

– Discord and telegram groups are non spam; actual discussions, informative and always helpful and
the devs are always active in there.

– Whitepaper (see below)


The number of available brokerages in the UK is extremely limited. The main competitors are Trading212, IBKR, eToro. As many have seen there are complaints about all of these trading platforms.

T212 – restricting OTC buys, slow execution, no afterhours

IBKR – UI & app not user-friendly

eToro – no OTC stocks, slow execution, no AH

Users are seen to be continuously complaining about wanting to leave these platforms but cannot do so because of the lack of options. This can be seen throughout social media, app store reviews and communities.

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