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Syscoin has just recovered from the dip and is well on its way to hit a new ATH after a successful launch of a brand new update. Projects have started devolving on it, new exchanges are happening and social media engagement is increasing. Crypto Miso results came out yesterday and Syscoin leads the GitHub update table by at least double the amount of any other chain with 100+ contributors.

Syscoin completely solves the trilemma with PROVEN tech.

4.2 LUX brings:

✅ 140k TPS (60k+ 3rd party verified)

✅ Bitcoin merge mined for security (higher hash rate than BCH)

✅ Fractional tokens and NFTs with unlimited uses with optional notary

✅ Totally decentralised with 40% in masternodes (more to be set up after update no doubt). This also means that coupled with SYS lost to time, there is low circulating supply (610m current, 888m total)

✅ New exchange listing (Hotbit) which will also list all tokens built on SYS (LODE with its gold and silver tokens first, TUSD and BUSD should also be minted on SYS soon, )

✅ Opt in on chain regulation compliance, uniquely positioned to take advantage of any regulatory measures put in place (bound to happen sooner than later).

✅ Great partnerships (Binance, Matic, and the two biggest blockchain companies in South America Quan and Elint, Klever)

✅ Publicly listed company that they set up as a blockchain consultancy, BCFN. They trade consultancy for fiat (recently landed a 10m deal) that is reinvested into development. They’re extremely busy right now and their main objective is to develop clints’s solutions on Syscoin. Also positioned well for any institutional money looking at investing in crypto or looking at using a blockchain. This allows them to be future proof and survive any future bear markets.

✅ Pioneering interoperable ETH bridge allowing anything built on ETH to scale fully and use SYS cheap fees, and for SYS to use smart contracts.

✅ OG team, survived multi million dollar theft of ICO and bear markets since 2014 and still developing groundbreaking tech with year on year huge amounts of GitHub contributions. They know blockchain and the industry.

✅ Lead Dev developed DOGEs ETH bridge, so DOGE lovers should show some love for this be of the best and visionary Devs in Blockchain (Jag Sidhu). Also the devs helped on the Rosetta API, which means a good relationship with Coinbase…

Back end infrastructure isn’t far away and with new wallets will come a tsunami of exchange listings and added marketing. Soon Syscoin will be everywhere.

In development what might be considered end game tech, Syscoin NEVM, 4million TPS with BTC security, and DeFi via Blockchain Foundry.

Currently available on Binance and Bittrex and Klever with 150m mc and at a discount at 24c.

Lots of bounties currently happening by around their discord, HMU if you need linking!

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