Take a Look At Hoge. Here’s a real breakdown of the project. 🌙 : altcoin


Why you want to take another look at Hoge,

I know, you think Hoge is a shi/tcoin. You probably think the bubble has burst.

Let me tell you why you are wrong

Hoge is the 2nd fastest growing coin on the Eth chain in history. It is here to stay.

Hoge is more than a crypto. Here’s Four reasons why. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Reason One: Hoge is now an established legal entity in France. This means that Hoge is here to stay with doxxed developers. Furthermore, Hoge is now trademarked and protected on a marketing front. Not to mention the sky net security score or 96 AND the Audit by Certik that should be finalized on Friday 4/16- along with the BigONE listing.

Reason Two: The developers are constantly communicating and being transparent to the community. They have been busy at work over the last few months and have not shown any signs of giving up. There have been numerous developments that have been released including their promises to work on new exchanges.

Reason three: Exchanges. Hoge will be listed on BigONE on Friday, 4/16. This is a huge exchange and will certainly bring massive amounts of volume into HOGE. In the future of 2021 Q2, the U.S market plans to be targeted. We have secured billboards across Las Vegas and are planning to market and work with a US based exchange to offer a one tap buy for HOGE.

Reason Four: Do you have animals? Do you like animals? If yes to either, introduce HOGE. The only audited legal team that has actually given to charity. Hell, there is even a forum on the official hoge website to guide shelters step by step into creating a charity wallet. The fact is, HOGE is the only crypto out right now that is legally giving funds to help a good cause. If you like anything to do with animals, Hoge is your coin.


Why would I invest in HOGE? I’m not saying to invest… but the TA charts are looking extremely bullish and volume is picking up considerably. With the addition of BIGONE I think Hoge will find a huge jump.

What are the next developments? There is a full roadmap on the website. For short term though, marketing in the US will ramp up and talks with US based exchanges will commence following that.

What else? Hoge game labs is starting to form exponentially fast. Hoge has formed an e-sports team and begun developing a Dapp based gaming system.

“It’s JuSt a MeMe CoIn”: Fantastic, and so is doge. Explain to me why doge is now the 10th largest crypto? Use case for HOGE is already here from their gaming perspective to the animal charity support. Enough with the FUD, the age of Altcoin is upon us. Jump on or get left in the dust.

Buy on WhiteBIT, BigONE(4/16), or Uniswap!

Website: https://hoge.finance





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