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Stumbled across Epic Cash while looking for a relatively unknown, cheap privacy coin, that had the potential to go parabolic. I was blown away with what I found in Epic Cash. When you listen to the founder (Max Freeman) of this project speak, you get the sense that he genuinely considers BTC (Bitcoin), as just a stepping stone for Epic on the way to infinity.

Epic on its it own is by far the best private and fungible crypto that that I’ve come across. The use of Mimblewimble for privacy, fungibility and scalability is a great choice. Add in the speed in which it will be able to process transactions then you already have something that not too many other projects will be able to compete with.

Another feature is its approach to mining. Egalitarian means fair for everyone. The mining algorithms being used in this project are unmatched by anything else. Everyone who has a computer can mine Epic if they want to. And at some point in 2022, everyone who has a mobile phone will be able to mine Epic if they want to.

Currently, Epic has 12.5 million coins in circulation, with 11,520 new coins being created every day. The next halving is in October 2021, when only 5,760 newly created coins will be coming to market per day. The halvings in Epic will happen every two years until ‘The Singularity’ when only 210 new coins per day will be coming to market.

The high inflation at the beginning of Epic’s life cycle means that you can still get Epic Cash for very cheap. If you put $10k into BTC you can’t even get 0.25% of 1 BTC out of 21 million. If you put $10k into Epic you can obtain over 0.15% of the entire 21 million coins that will ever be in existence. (Based on current prices of $43k for 1 BTC and $0.33 for 1 EPIC).

How does Epic achieve Privacy and Fungibility?

The tech that Epic uses to achieve privacy and fungibility are Mimblewimble, CoinJoin, Cut-Through, Dandelion and Tor.

If you wish to know more about Epic Cash – do refer this medium article ( The source of this reddit Post)The EPIC-ness of EPIC Cash. Introduction | by Captain Pi X 42 | Oct, 2021 | Medium

Epic also has a very knowledgeable and experienced community, that are very helpful and welcoming, that are driving this project forward.

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Website: Epic Private Internet Cash | A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System



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