The first rating and research agency for emerging cryptos : altcoin


✅ KryptView is an ambitous project aiming at creating the first independent rating and research agency for emerging tokens and crypto assets.

👥 In order to achieve this, we have gathered a team with experience in financial investments, technology and entrepreneurship.

🖥 We are currently developing the project, product and preparing a token that will have a direct use on the platform while also rewarding our holders.

🌎 We have just published the first version of our website with some synthetic information on the project, check it out here:

📖 We have published our first whitepaper with some of the key project considerations and the initial roadmap. Check it out here: on whitepaper at the top of the page)

📖 We will publish another whitepaper with all the token details as soon as this one is ready



🚀 We are taking our time to prepare the best project possible so that our holders moon while supporting a project that will bring visibility, transparency and more resilience to the fabulous early stage crypto market

The token has not yet been launched but is coming soon. The first step is community growth. This is a serious project with a real use case.

🚀 Opportunity to get in early and follow the project

Not financial advice. Do your own research.

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