The Next Big thing on DeFi and NFT : altcoin


Ok, first off, I am not one to shill coins, but I came across this project that has a very good use-case. I genuinely think it will be BIG. I rarely post about new projects and my investments are all in more stable coins (BTC, ETH, BNB, etc, the established ones y’know).  But this is the first time a (new) project excites me this much.

The project is called RevoNetwork ($REVO). They launched last Saturday but already listed in coingecko a day before. Also made it as top1 new token on Binance smart chain upon listing. Youtubers also think it will 500x atleast. BSC and even Ash WSB himself tweeted abt this project. Initial mcap upon listing was only 97k!

Tokenomics: 80M max supply, 16.5M circulating as of now

MCAP is ~1.5M as of writing

Perks of holding $Revo (well aside from ofcourse, its huge potential)

– CHEAPEST incubator yet with GUARANTEED allocations. Price at the time of writing is ~0.08$

– Staking will be available soon

– NFT exclusive for $REVO holders.

What really excites me the most is the use-case of this project. Creating an app with everything DEFI can offer. We all know the rise in DeFi aight. But not only that, they will also have an NFT marketplace on the revonetwork app which will be released soon as per their roadmap.

So yeah, everything new and hot in crypto in one project: Launchpad, Staking, everything DeFi and NFT. I don’t think I gave justice to this project enough as I’m not that good in writing. But yeah, that’s all I can say. It may look like I’m just shilling but putting in money for a project with great potential may change your lives, OUR lives. If you ask me, can I guarantee that it will give you huge gains to actually change your life? Well, no. No one can. But does every cell in my body believes this project? I am a Financial Analyst and I do not invest on things (coins,stocks,etc.) I do not believe in. So, do I believe in this? Well, FUCK YEAH!

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